This Cotización has expired.



Santo Domingo

Ciudad de Panamá

Cotización Number 1058
Cotización Date 18 de noviembre de 2020
Valid Until 23 de noviembre de 2020
Total USD$7,050.00

This quote corresponds to 3 private offices, with a capacity of 15 positions in total.
Regarding the concern about the size of the space in ordet to fit 5 people comfortable, I am going to attach the layout where you can see two offices in red, which are occupied by a call center at this time, with a capacity of 5 and 7 positions respectively. The way the office is structured and the desks are arranged is essential to fit 5 people working comfortably. As you currently have the desks accommodated, the 5 people will not fit. Felipe can see these offices and verify that they are the same space, as the ones you already have.
I would like again to offer you the option of frosting, where if we extend the contract you could place it in half glass.

Link the following files

Offices size

5 Office setting video

Horas/Cantidad Servicio PrecioAjusteSub-Total
1 Training Room Monthly

The cost of this room is $ 350 per day. In this case it is being placed monthly, so that it continues to be used as a Training room. This room would only be used for training with the tables already set. The capacity of it is 18 people.

3 Private Offices

3 private offices with Capacity of 15 workstations.

Sub-Total USD$7,050.00
Total USD$7,050.00

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